JUNE 2007

A letter from Romina

To You

<<Dear Friends,

I would like to tell you personally (without cold mailing lists) how much I’m sorry for the cancelled concert of Colorno, since many people confirmed their participation.

Anyway, this concert “dedicated to Demetrio” is just postponed to the next season.

That event is going to be replaced by a Miss Italia competition evening…what we can say about that…anyway Colorno is going to gain much more money…

The concert is strongly wanted by Daniela Ronconi (wife of Demetrio Stratos) and I would like to explain what does it mean being active “in memory of Demetrio”.

First of all, it doesn’t mean ’70 Prog and diplophony, and who is convinced that these two categories together are the Demetrio Stratos opera…let me say that he just loves Demetrio.

The fundamentals of Demetrio Stratos opera correspond to a research commitment at any cost, an opening towards an experimental space, not considering all the genres and categories.

Who is convinced that this work is just an external speculation of the artistic persona didn’t understand a lot, who is rather going beyond social rules and knows what does it mean ‘to be true’…then understands me.

My deep research…and my strictness in doing just what I feel are leaving me behind lots of ‘success opportunities’ and important proposals by agencies and labels…but I am strongly convinced that if I stopped being strict, my work would be vain and without any sense.

The fundamentals of my research are the unconditioned freedom, a purity and a truth of being and knowing.


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