JUNE 2008



On page 47, the review by Massimo Marchini:

I have spent an entire afternoon listening to this beautiful and brave album.

Romina is a young singer who spends her life studying the voice.

A devotion which led her win the Demetrio Stratos award.

"The Voice Is The Original Instrument", this was the title of a work by Joan La Barbara, ‘At the beginning it was the Word’, said someone before.

About aesthetic research texts (Aisthànomai is a Greek word which means to perceive, to realize).

The voice and the sound are so pure and so well performed that literally take the breath away. As if the plastic of the voice would be shaped here in a new aesthetics. Sometimes her research could be similar to the one done by Diamanda Galas some years ago - especially at the beginning of the album - but her semantic and musical approach is personal and sometimes heartbreaking too. Voice and electronics trying to define a meaning for this particular aesthetic and etymological project which draws equations between sensation, perception, art and representation of pain.

An experience which Romina is sharing with the listener evoking dark landscapes and some atmospheres similar to Bataille regarding the same expanded concepts.

A unique voice in the Italian musical scene.