JULY 2006

Arezzo Wave Festival

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Awarded in 2005 by the prestigious jury of the DEMETRIO STRATOS Prize, Romina Daniele is engaged in vocal research work that combines emotion and experimentation. The strong personality of the 25-year-old Neapolitan shows that she is a rare artist in the current musical scene. Her free and stimulating way of understanding work on the instrument is the reason for the choice of InSound //

Romina Daniele, artist selected by the prestigiuos InSound magazine, confirms the expectations, delighting the audience with vocal and sound alchemy. After been awarded with the Demetrio Stratos award, the 25 years old Neapolitan girl seems moving towards a remarkable artistic growth, by a peculiar vocal research which combines experimentation and pathos. [Arezzo Wave Press].

Romina Daniele has been then called by Insound Magazine to report her experience at the Festival. The English version of that articles is available on this website t the page Writings: Note from Early Activity