MAY 2007

AterForum Festival

with Meredith Monk

Meeting with Meredith Monk - Romina Daniele's performance

Ferrara, thursday 7 june, at "Biblioteca Ariostea/Teatro Anatomico" h.18

“Demetrio Stratos” International Award Second Edition.At the end of the Aterforum Festival 2007 open meeting dedicated to Meredith Monk, the exceptional american artist is taking the “Demetrio Stratos” International Award for musical experimentation (2nd edition), designated to celebrate the research and performing work developed by the greek vocalist missing in the 1979. The award is assigned by a jury presided by Daniela Ronconi Demetriou, Demetrio Stratos's wife: the last year award has been awarded from the young vocalist Romina Daniele (new project), who works in a research field that is strictly related to the Meredith Monk and Demetrio Stratos experiences.

Romina performs Aisthànomai.

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