Corriere di Bologna:

I Improvise

Friday 5th October 2007, p. 15. On the occasion of "Voci di Tenebra azzurra" Festival, Faenza (Ra).:

«I improvise thinking about Demetrio Stratos»

Romina Daniele is a young artist who studied classical dance, art, photography and cinema. She writes poetry and short stories.

But her job is being a vocalist.

Because «when I talk about art – she says — I love talking about means». In 2005 she was awarded the Demetrio Stratos International Prize for experimentation. This evening she will sing in Faenza as part of the Voci di tenebra azzurra festival.

The project that you present in Faenza is called Aisthànomai - The drama of consciousness. Which means?

«It is the fruit of research that rests on two pillars: on the one hand perception, intuition, instinct, on the other construction, technique, composition. A continuous and intermittent journey that will then flow into an album in December."

How much space do you dedicate to improvisation in concerts?

«About 50 percent, even if improvisation does not have a single form: it can start from a scheme, from a text (and I often use my own) or it can be pure. I usually mix them.

From your training it emerges, as they say, that you are a 360 degree artist...

«It all helped me. In art for example, studying the history of criticism and artistic methodology has given me an awareness that sometimes escapes the artist"

What effect did winning the Demetrio Stratos Award in the Galas year have on you?

«It was like living in a dream, also because when I received the award I said I wouldn't have gone anywhere without them»

Do you still listen to Stratos?

"Yes. We need it. Today artists lack the predisposition, the ambition, the determination that he had."

You live in Milan but your accent is Southern..

«Yes, from Naples. My origins had no influence on the technique, but on an unconscious level, yes."

Paola Gabrielli