At London Hoxton Festival:

Dasein Performance

Romina Daniele's Dasein, performance for extended vocals and electronics, is scheduled in UK at London Hoxton Festival for the following dates:

SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2012 H/8.00 PM

SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2012 H/8.00 PM

The George & Vulture, 63 Pitfield Street, Hoxton N1 6BU - LONDON

Program will include the following Romina Daniele's compositions (other credit are listed):

Matter [2008-2010]

Outside me [2002-2011]

Summertime [2002-2011] by George Gershwin, da Porgy and Bess, 1935.

Dasein I.I. [2011-2012]

Dasein I.IV. [2011-2012]

I went to that place alone [2009-2011, FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME] Gospel/Standard blues.

Learn more: Romina Daniele's Dasein cycle within the Spannung project .

Romina Daniele is also scheduled to perform with Sheen, the new band project by Lorenzo Marranini and RDM Records, on

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2012 H/8.40 PM

Mother Live (ex- 333 Basement club/Hoxton Cell)

333 Old Street, Hoxton EC1V 9LE - LONDON

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