Not only experiments

Musical Corners Press

Romina Daniele is not just an experimenter who distorts the voice with electronic manipulations, and with the Romina Daniele Band she presents a more popular synthesis and reinterpretation of the tradition of African-American music (more specifically blues, rhythm and blues and rock-blues). Even in this role her voice transmits thrilling vibrations and she knows how to compete on an equal footing with sacred monsters such as Bessie Smith or Janis Joplin. Her band finds its most ideal humus in breweries and pubs, but we are convinced that the space located in the Passage of San

Francesco will be just right for her and she will know how to warm it up properly. Accompanying her in her descent into Bibbiena are Luca Caiazza on bass and Luca De Maio on guitars. (Mauro Biserni)