Visceral Blues

Musical Corners Press

Italian official press for 'Musical Corners' in Bibbiena IT presents Romina Daniele Band as 'visceral blues'.

For the fans of the most visceral rock-blues

‘musical corners’ presents the Romina Daniele Band. There are many things to say about Romina Daniele, a thrilling voice, poet and musicologist born in Naples and resident in Milan, starting from her vocal and electronic experimentation project with which she won various awards (including one dedicated to the great Demetrio Stratos). The group with which she performs in Bibbiena is based on the tradition of blues and rhythm and blues music, and has such an alcohol and nicotine level. It is in

fact in the pubs that the band is particularly in demand and you would be good showing up in front of the stage with a beer to offer to the musicians, part of it will serve as gas and the rest will be put back into sweat. The lineup includes blues and classics from a bottomless pit ranging from Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin. (Mauro Biserni)