APRIL 2008

Blow up Magazine:

Total Vocalism

On page 108, the review by Dioniso Capuano:

Romina Daniele has been awarded with the Demetrio Stratos International Award and in her new album we can notice not only a great vocal ability - power and versatility – but a great talent interpreting the sense of music and composing abilities as well. You can listen/read ‘Aisthànomai’ like a theoretical work, an organized anthology and a poetical-musical form.

First, it is necessary to read the booklet texts where the aesthetics topics are discussed. "‘Voice-Matter-Nature. ‘Electronics-Suond-Technique. Language-Text-Concept’. These are the territories in which Aisthànomai takes shape… and where my cognitive non-condition law is placed as an expressive aim freely pursued."

In a second point of view, the work offers a charming performance/interpretation.

The transfiguration of the song form through the organic changing of the voice (Materia), vocals-electronics assimilation (Echo, Vero Remake II), the dramatic experimentation on the text-vocals (Dix ans, vingt ans), sound poetry (Vero Remake I) and the total theatre-song (Poesis I). The work has different influences: Galàs, La Barbara, Meredith Monk, Stratos, the experimental Julie Tippett.

Finally, almost in despite of her theoretic will (which can hamper the total fruition), ‘Aisthànomai’ is mainly a sensory experience (if not sensual) with the vibrating woman body, into urgency (impact) of the reunification. "I do not enjoy all the happiness, remember, it is divided in two parts, and both include emptiness’, it seems Emily Dickinson. But it is necessary to get into the voice labyrinth.