JULY 2008

Ritual Magazine:

Voice as an instrument

On page 69, the review by Tony Aramini:

Romina Daniele's work is within the field of extreme vocal experimentation, therefore it is impossible to avoid mentioning two essential references such as Demetrio Stratos and, above all, Dia-manda Galas. The voice as an instrument, therefore: dozens of vocal tracks assembled and edited to create a sinister sound collage with unusual harmonic connotations.

A bold choice to reread two excerpts from the soundtrack of 'Ascenseur Pour L'Èchafaud" by Miles Davis from this perspective, which too, like a good part of the album, is a sign of versatility and mastery, despite a relatively young age (Romina was in fact born in 1980). Accompanied by an elaborate concept that is far too pretentious for the lay listener, 'Aisthânomai' still has what it takes to fascinate that fringe of the public who loves unconventional works or with unsettling atmospheres (Tony Aramini)