'Voices of blue darkness'

Festival Press


The rediscovery of the authentic meaning of perceptions, as the foundation of Knowledge, is the basis of the technical and spiritual work on the medium of voice, through which the author conducts an interrogation on the perceptive system itself. Vocal sounds of all types - suspended between singing, acting and vocalisms in the broadest sense - embody the mechanisms through which research is conducted from the most remote abysses of the unconscious to the analytical clarity of the mind and viceversa.

Her music aims to stage the contrast between improvisation and structured composition, and at the same time identify it with extreme adherence,

making it coexisting with the work itself.

The result is radical improvisations, but also pre-recorded compositions integrated into the performance via the computer, assumed as an elaborate writing system, on the contrary

of the immediacy of vocal emission.

The performance time thus becomes the place in which the conflict and dialectic between light and shadow are given voice, in direct line with human interiority.