Voyage Miami New Interview

Check out the new Interview on Voyage Miami Magazine, about my music, Miami and Jadys Daniele's!


Romina Daniele


I never used music or composing to merely entertain (even if the show has its great importance of course), and I refused some recording label proposals, choosing to have my own independent label. I also believe the real rock music has always been the real avant-garde (since I don’t care of the avant-garde as a classification), and I never think to the blues as a genre but as the feeling of sound itself.

I never produced records in one day even if I based them on improvisation. I really care about composing with the recorded improvised materials (creating structures and levels of tracks and times) and the concept and the message to deliver to the final listener; so I couldn’t write a book on the voice in a brief way, since I am still searching answers while I write it, or better: I write it as I research. And in the same way, I compose music: improvising and analyzing and so creating structures and frames.

I am starting up a live music venue in Miami Beach, my baby was born in Miami, and that’s the place where I am based lately.

To be lonely is necessary for the process of creation. However, drink and laugh is equally important. As I was mentioning, we strongly wish to create a connection between artists and musicians with our place dedicated to live music. So if you are in the Miami area you should be connected with us, we are looking forward to the grand opening, and we’ll announce it shortly.