Approdi III Musical Avant-guards in Naples

A new collected record has been published, featuring Romina Daniele "Vero" from Diffrazioni Sonore


Romina Daniele


This year my biggest thanks goes to Girolamo De Simone with Konsequenz, who, with the publication of “Approdi III (The avant-garde in Naples)” gave “Diffrazioni Sonore” a third life. The first life of this first album of mine is related to the 2005 Demetrio Stratos Award, the second to the publication with Rdm Records in 2010. And here it is the third, with the song "Vero" from "Diffrazioni" chosen as a representation of the avant-garde in this important collection.

In truth, Diffrazioni was already living before the Stratos Prize, along that unique path that lies directly in front of us and which seems to be hardly found only because it is so close. Diffractions, although dealing with concrete music, extended vocality and improvisation, electronic composition of music and, and, and, regards my deepest me and touches my essence, making clear to my eyes that all the possible considerations and branches, when intertwined mutually, they are themselves THE direction, therefore vast, extensive, indeterminate and made up of different points of view.

Not that my other productions are less important, however with my next album I will try to surpass Diffrazioni, because with the next two I made I didn't had the goal and I clearly didn't succeed.