The Desein cycle was released with the album Spannung in 2015 and the following video was the very first preview. From the booklet: The Dasein cycle spaces out and marks the entire course of Spannung; and holds and reopens the tension, the passion, the opening to the research, in to a marked and open, essential continuity of a force of the sound and the thought. And tension towards essentiality of every single thing is urgent and necessary (...) Voice stakes everything, at higher grades of expotion, in front of the structures of construct. And voice is man here. Being-together the enigma we take care of at the edge of the struggle as well, and the limit is not where one thing is ending, indeed is where everything begins its essence.


Dasein means Being-here: «Being the here»: «to be at stake of one's being into the being itself» as original responsibility to make authentic and ownmost sense.

Dasein I.I.

Dasein I.I and Resonance, from Spannung Album are also writings and essays from the book Voce Sola, currently in production. (Click on the names to learn more.)

The recording and compositional work Spannung due to be published soon will consist of three parts and three compact discs, including three themes titled Dasein. The first theme – Dasein I – appears in the first disc, and so in the second and in the third and will consist of different subparts; the second theme – Dasein II – appears in the second disc and in the third, consisting of other different subparts; the third theme – Dasein III – appears at the end of the third disc, consisting of one long part only.

The formulation of the theme for the first Dasein parts presents a movement actualizing a memory, bringing on variation and difference. The third part of Dasein does not presents repetition into the variation of well-known elements and structures, focusing on the singularity of the matter.

In the light of what is written [in the essay from which this paper is taken, where every musical and philosophical concept and term is shown in detail], our Dasein I with its various parts, including other compositions, corresponds to the conduct of sense (of being), «to be at stake of one's being into the being itself» as original responsibility to make authentic and ownmost sense; reaching the limit point of yearning and of the enigma (not-understanding) of being-with or being-together, whose original and authentic sense is darkened by the current formulations in force about community, which are the fruit by the way of our Western history.

Our Dasein II with its parts, including the other compositions of the records, corresponds to the enigma of being-with, the threshold of pain itself on which we find an essential absence, a substantial missing of being-together in the proper sense, filled inefficiently with the intra-worldly and ordinary community sense from which the de-population comes, that is the convulsive fusion between subject and object, and between public and private, coming from, in its turn, by the fusion between public and the capital-subject on one hand, and between private and man-machine on the other.

The concept and parts of the recordings, and considering what it is said [in the previous pages of the essay from which this paper is taken] will let us know that: «the conduct of sense (of being) until the limit point of yearning and enigma of being-with» crosses the entire work; «the enigma of being-with, the threshold of the pain on which the absence, the missing of being-together properly is», consists of the second disc that carries on the path of the first; finally, with all previous experiences and compositions, the third disc presents both the themes and a third indefinable one.

«The conduct of sense (of being)» and «the enigma of being-with» result in or consist of our Dasein III, which does not correspond to anything determined, unless to the enigma itself in a deeper dominion in which being-with continues to be absent, to be missing, in its elusiveness; and, in the same time, it is a deeper dominion of the conduct of sense as well, which is essential and future, to make to be, to make to grow, that is not been thought yet, and of which we mark again the urgency and the singular action.