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The press reviewed Spannung in 2016 and we gathered a part of the reviews on the page Spannung The Reviews, from the menu Discography of this website.

Spannung Pre-sale Announcement

November 2015

obs/aкousма/AUDIOR A new Collected album

April 2015

Rock and Roll Radio - Romina Daniele blues and Avantgarde

April 2014

Rock Blues Band Activity and Videos

June 2015

Rock and Roll Radio Podcast announcement

January 2014

Romina Daniele on One Tv Show link available

April 2014

Christmas Special package offer

December 2013

New article on Romina Daniele on Dubbio Metodico

November 2013

Spannung Release date update

September 2013

Chitarre ed Altre corde Festival AUDIOR and La Natura Assente (II)

June 2013

«Il Giornale» official local press, column by Luca Pavanel

April 2013

'Angoli Musicali' Festival Press '

August 2014

Yes UK! Radio Broadcast

March 2013

Corriere di Bologna - 'Voices of Blue Darkness' Festival Press

October 2007

Insound Magazine, Corsica, Rockerilla Press

October 2008

Videos from London dates available

October 2012

Resonance Official Video OUT NOW

October 2012

Die Nibelungen by Fritz Lang and live electronics

October 2012

London dates Announcement

August 2012

Celebrazione Festival Video Report

July 2012

Dasein I.I. Official Video OUT NOW

June 2012

Salone Internazionale del Libro Report

June 2012

Celebrazione Festival Announcement

June 2012

Dasein I.I. Official Video Announcement

April 2012

Dasein Performance Upcoming shows

April 2012

La Natura Assente (I) very first time and Acusmonium Sator

April 2012

Sheen Absence I the single Announcement

November 2011

SuperSound Faenza Festival Report

September 2011

Spannung at Supersound Festival Announcement

September 2011

Romina Daniele at Carroponte Report

July 2011

Spannung Performance Press Release

June 2011

Romina Daniele Collected Poems 1995-2005 OUT NOW

April 2011

Carroponte Concert Announcement

March 2011

Arts National Price & Arci Award Events

March 2011

5 Giornate Award for Musical Experimentation to Romina Daniele.

March 2011

Silent Cinema and live electronics in Ameno IT

January 2011

Le Chute of La Maison Usher & live electronics Report

November 2010

Le Chute of La Maison Usher & live electronics Announcement

July 2010

New Interview for The Rumpus Magazine

May 2010

Literary Production - Romina Daniele Books OUT NOW

March 2011

Festival 5 Giornate Milano Upcoming shows/meetings

March 2010

Diffrazioni Sonore The digital format OUT NOW

February 2010

RDM Records Official Store Announcement

January 2010

Festival 5 Giornate Milano Upcoming show

February 2009

Arts National Prize 2010: Romina Daniele as Finalist

March 2010

KonSequenz 16/2007 Presentation of the Book

October 2008

Aisthànomai, Tragedy of consciousness REVIEWS

October 2008

Dix ans, vingt ans on Radio Libertaire Paris

May 2008 Festival in Žilina Report

April 2008

Aisthànomai in the Top Ten Records by Girolamo De Simone Alias

December 2008

Poesis II on Radio Libertaire Paris

March 2008

ArezzoWave and SoundMetak Video Report

December 2007

Diffrazioni Sonore Reviews

October 2007

Villa Greppi Video Report

September 2007

Aisthànomai Essay published on Conseguenze

March 2008

A letter from Romina

June 2007

Aterforum Festival with Meredith Monk

May 2007

Vocal Laboratory & Cantieri Sonori Festival

September 2006

Metamorfosi Festival Announcement

June 2007

Differisco II and Di-Sonore on Radio Libertaire Paris

March 2007

Intro Intelligibile broadcast on RadioRaiInternational

July 2006

Rivoluzione Musicante by Girolamo De Simone (Il Manifesto)

November 2006

Demetrio Stratos Award Announcement

October 2005

Arezzo Wave Press Report

July 2006

Meeting of Independent Labels in Faenza, on November 26th 2005

November 2005

Out December 24th 2015

Spannung by Romina Daniele is a triple cd audio, with 31 tracks, 36 pages booklet, 3 hours of music, between Electronics and vocal and music experimentation, live studio sessions in solo and with the band.