Born in Naples (It) 1980

Romina Daniele has been recognized as Italian composer of electronic and experimental music, extended techniques vocalist and performer, writer. Lately she has been working as photographer and blues singer.

She degreed Cum Laude in Cinema and has been studying art criticism, history of art, aesthetics, architecture, theory and history of photography for her entire life. She has been researching technologies applied to art, sound technology and multimedia, earning two master’s degrees and achieving global recognition through her record and book publications. She has been through both philosophical and multimedia paths extensively.

She completed classical studies and she's always been involved with the literature investigative processes: all her work is very bonded with the true meaning of philosophy which is one thing of making art in her experience.

Romina Daniele's solo artist career started in 2005 in Italy, awarding the Demetrio Stratos International Award for musical experimentation for the emerging artist best project. In the same year, she released Diffrazioni Sonore, a complex album project focused on the relationship between improvisation by extended vocal techniques and construction by new compositional technologies published in the 2010 by RDM Records.
In the 2008 she released the second record Aisthànomai, il Dramma della Coscienza (cd, 2008), for voice and electronics, in which the sound research and the sonic composition, as in the field of vocalism as in that of electronics music, are the main elements.

She has also published in the 2010 for the book publishing label RDM Records the collected poems Poesie 1995-2005 (e-book/book; Italian and English bilingual Edition) and the essayes Il dialogo con la materia disintegrata e ricomposta, un'analisi di Thema (Omaggio a Joyce) di Luciano Berio and Il luogo della musica nell'audio-visione (e-book/books, Italian). The latter is her thesis, written with the supervision by professor Augusto Sainati, on the relation between sound (the music of Miles Davis) and images (the cinema of Louis Malle). All books and records are available within RDM Records Catalog at and

[2006 photo, a 2008 photo is following. Both by Matteo Nieddu].

Since 2000 she has collaborated with ensembles of various kinds (blues, jazz, experimental, contemporary), devoting herself to the study and the research of vocal production ability (see Diffrazioni Sonora) and carrying out laboratory activities and teaching, mostly in the Milan area and within 2010.

While studying at the Milan Conservatory (2008-2012) for electronic music, she also has attended at many workshops and seminars among which we can mention those of Meredith Monk, Trevor Wishart, David Moss, Annette Vande Gorne.

She has been presenting her work and research since 2005 at many national and international festival like Arezzo Wave, Electronika, Aterforum, 5 Giornate per la Nuova Musica, Intermidia Festival, Silence, Celebrazione, Salone Internazionale del Libro, London Hoxton Festival.

In 2010 e 2011, she has been a finalist at ‘Premio Nazionale delle Arti' (Arts National Award) for Electronic Music and New Technologies, representing the Conservatorio di Milano. In 2011 she has been awarded with the Arci Award for musical experimentation presenting her last work, in progress at the time, Spannung.

In the middle of 2013, she founded the band with which mainly pays homage to the greatest women of rhythm and blues, «to bring back and bring up that unique and originary strength, passion and pain, today forgotten especially in Europe; that is one thing with my deeper work». (Romina Daniele, Il Giornale, april 2013, Italian Press). The band has been performing since may 2013 all over the Milan area.

Since 2010, she have been bond of an ongoing "Berlin project", a wide open multimedia project still in progress, after which she went into the photography field deeper and deeper. She took a flat in Berlin and lived between Berlin and Milan from 2010 until 2016. While at the end of 2015 she published Spannung.

With the arrival of Romina Jadys Daniele, Romina Daniele's daughter, they start living in Miami, Florida where the little one was born at the end of 2016. in the 2018, Lorenzo Marranini and her founded the live music project Jadys Daniele's, named after their daughter and continued working with RDM Records music production, to promote and enshrine the true meaning of doing art.

[A 2013 photo is following. RDM Records photos].

She performed at Jadys Daniele's every week, and have been working as owner and managing director, for all the 2019 concerts season.

Romina Daniele is been working on the book Solo Voice, essay on the vocal discourse since 2009. The essay has now become a more than 1000 pages epistemological essay, and it is probably to be considered a lifetime work essay, comparable to Marcel Proust's opera.

After the mandatory pandemic break (2020/2021), RDM Records bonds with Jadys Daniele's and moved from Italy to the United States, in music production. Romina keeps working on her multimedia and philosophical research, widely open to many means such as writings, videos and photography production.

New compositional and singing projects will be announced.


1987-1993. Classical dance lessons.

1993-2000. Classical guitar lessons with composer Antonio Sozio.

1995-2005. She devotes her self to poetry, writing of talesand songs, painting and photography.

1997. Diploma in Solfeggio, musical theory and dictation.

1998-2005. History and methodology of art studies.

2000-2003. Singing lessons with Auli Kokko.

2000-2005. She occasionally takes part in various bands (blues, jazz, experimental, contemporary).

2005. She produces Diffrazioni Sonore.

November - wins Demetrio Stratos International Award for musical experimentation, 2005 edition, theme: “vocalism and research”. She receives the award at MEI – Faenza (Ravenna).

2006-2007. She devotes herself to the study and the research of vocal production ability. Works on Aisthànomai, il Dramma della Coscienza.

Experimental vocal laboratories and individual lessons at Crams School of Music.

[Following photos are from: 2011 and 2019. RDM Records photos].

2006. July - she plays at Arezzo Wave Love Festival, presented by Insound magazine.

2007. March – takes part in the Electronika Festival promoted by Fondazione MM&T of Milan. June - during ATERFORUM Festival (Ferrara) is ideally awarded for the second edition of Demetrio Stratos Award; career award given to Meredith Monk.

2008. Degree in history of cinema presenting a thesis with the title of "Music in audiovision" and the supervision of Augusto Sainati.

March – presents her vocal research at "Milano: 5 days for the new music” festival.

April - presents her vocal research at "intermidia" festival in Banskà Bystrica and Žilina.

2009. March – presents her vocal research at "Milano: 5 days for the new music” festival.

She starts New Technologies and Music studies at the Milan Conservatory.

2010. She starts a collaboration with RDM Records publishing where all her works are available. She works on live electronics with silent cinema (Riccardo Sinigaglia ensemble) at the Milan Conservatory (Concerti del Chiostro).

She ranks among the eight finalists at ‘Premio Nazionale delle Arti' for Electronic Music and New Technologies, with the composition La Prova, taken from Aisthànomai, il Dramma della Coscienza (cd, RD/RDM Records, 2008).

2010-2011. Works on the new record Spannung, and on the essay Voce Sola (Solo Voice).

2011. She ranks among the finalists at ‘Premio Nazionale delle Arti' for Electronic Music and New Technologies, with the unpublished composition La Natura Assente, which will be published soon with the third record.

Wins the Arci Award for Musical Experimentation promoted by Centro Musica Contemporanea in collaboration with Arci. She presents her new work in September at SuperSound Festival (Faenza).

In November the single Absence I by Sheen, in collaboration. with Romina Daniele, has been published.

2012 January - the composition La Natura Assente has been performed at Silence International Festival of Acousmatic Music in Bari. April - It was part of the spatialized acousmatic music performance at the San Fedele Auditorium (Milan) on the new Acousmonium SATOR composed of 50 speakers.

In October she keeps working on live electronics and silent cinema, with Rossella Spinosa at the Spazio Oberdan.

Between May and September, she presents her new work at Salone Internazionale del libro (Torino), Celebrazione (Cuggiono), the Hoxton Festival (London).

2013 In June, the new composition La Natura Assente (II), has been streamed for the very first time on the Acusmonium Audior (54 speakers) by Dante Tanzi and Eraldo Bocca, within the Festival "Chitarre ed altre corde".

December - She is on One TV for the show kalliope by Marco Ciapparelli with her blues trio.

2014 In January she streams live with the band from Rock and Roll Radio and realize a video podcast.

April - The collected record 'Chitarra ed Altre Corde' has been published by Ops/Akusma/AUDIOR featuring La Natura Assente (II) by Romina Daniele.

2013-2015- She works in the Blues, with concerts all over the Milan area.

2015. Continues to work on the new record Spannung, released on December the 24th.

2016-2018. Romina continues to work on literary production and composition, staying inspired and travelling between Europe and America.

She founds Jadys Daniele's, live music venue project, in Miami Beach, Florida.

2020-2023. RDM Records bonds with Jadys Daniele's in music production. Romina keeps working on her multimedia and philosophical research.New compositional and singing projects will be announced.


Out December 25th 2015

Spannung by Romina Daniele is a triple cd audio, with 31 tracks, 36 pages booklet, 3 hours of music, between Electronics and vocal and music experimentation, live studio sessions in solo and with the band.