Spannung Introductory Essay

An authentic research is involved and included in our existences, it is about the ownmost sense of our being into the world in the face of the structures of its construct: to be at stake of one's being into the being itself with everything of us into the world before it went away in vain. This is an original, urgent and closer responsability, as own as the breath is, which reveals itself in front of the missing.

Man and his work, language, history, philosophy and art, science, nature, miss the authentic and ownmost sense of thereselves; because if it was not so, if they did exist in the structure and not in the missing, society would not be as utilitarian as opportunist, we would benefit from it at all, we would not have disasters and wars instead of dignity of man, and we would already on our way to the sense of what we originally and authentically are, which indeed is missing, and we have been searching for.

The Dasein cicle spaces out and marks the entire course of Spannung; and holds and reopen the tension, the passion, the opening to the research, into a marked and open, essential continuity of a force of the sound and the thought. And tension to the essentiality of every single thing is urgent and necessary. Voice is what was there at the origin, a question of body and thought, the focus and the cornerstone, and there is not other places or sounds like that at all. Then music is an essential act concerning the apprehension for man and his work as well.

The Dasein is the reopening of the tension, and the tension is the reopening of the enigma, and the enigma is the cornerstone of the opening and research, of which the ordinary structures scream out on our face the necessity of the authentic. The Dasein is in this cicle, with its three parts and themes: being, being-with, being-togheter. In this cicle the Dasein closes and opens itself. In the closing the opening is involved and included. In the tension between the ordinary and the authentic the tension between being and being-with is: being-togheter-thrown-in the world. For that the original responsability is exposition and risk, bringing out to language. To bring to language means to share with every mean, level and grade that aourselves are, the reemergence of the sense as opera. We are the here and the there of the world (Dasein), in front of the diverted and persevered senses in the atrocius conseguences in which the world is, in which breath is own as the voice is own, and there is no place like breath. But there is this original responsability that is own as well, and «already ahead of itself in the world» where we born and are thrown.

Voice stakes everything, at higher grades of exposition, in front of the structures of the construct. And voice is man here.

Being-togheter the enigma we take care is the limit of the yearning as well, and the limit is not where one thing ends, indeed is where every thing starts its essence.

This record has been realized and produced between 2009 and 2015, in the same time the book Voce Sola, essay on the vocal discourse has been written. The opening and the research remain uninterrupted, trough the ownmost sense of the constitutive totality of means and levels that ourselves are and that therefor we have been looking for.

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