Shout Out Miami New Interview

Meet Romina Daniele: Artist, Vocalist & Writer




My brands are two or three. My actual name, that of our own record label (RDM Records) and that of the live music venue, me and my mentioned partner have built in Miami last year, Jadys Daniele’s, which is the name of my daughter. First of all, we are indipendent artists. And that’s what I care mostly about:independence. Which is freedom. Before having my own brand, I refused some proposals, both in live shows and recording fields, because sometimes what they were proposing was entitling compromises which

would had modified my creative stream. I never allowed that. The big challenge will always be and remain that to create with all your freedom, taking care of your pure talent and do not let anybody to modify it anyhow. I will be always happy to say every single goal I’ve reached it has always been on my own completely. Where I am here now, crossing the United States with my projects, is because of my true love (my daughter) who was born in Miami and that’s the path that brought me here.