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Meet Romina Daniele | Free Thinker, Writer, Entrepreneur & more




I like the way a New York journalist once called me: an Italian exponent of the vocal extended technique. That’s for sure the main thing I do and all my records are related to the sound of voice research as well as to composing electronic and experimental music. However since 2013 I started working as blues singer as well. I also wrote and published some books (besides the records), I have been working as photographer, and I degreed Cum Laude in Cinema Studies.

Since 2010 me and my partner Lorenzo Marranini have our own record label, RDM Records, promoting avant-garde and experimental music. And we also published a record together with the name of his

band project, Sheen.

In Miami since 2017 we planned a live music venue and opened it in 2018 with the name of Jadys Daniele’s, from my 4 years old daughter’s name.